Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Look at my cute graduate!

 John's English teacher, Ms. Westbrook
 John's Spanish teacher, Sra. Bracamonte

Spring Time Picture Dump

Katelyn loves her dollies.

 Daddy's glasses are so fun!
 For some reason Charlotte actually started loosing weight at about 4 months old.  We switched her to formula but she still gained very slowly.  She saw doctors and specialists but everything always came back normal.  With time she put on weight and now you would never know she was so skinny.
 Trying out solids.

 I love these kiddos!
 I got to go on a field trip with John to the Children's Museum.  I think his favorite part was getting to ride the bus.

 We rented a paddle boat at Lake Las Vegas.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Melissa's Wedding

Melissa and Jordan were married March 3, 2012 in the San Diego temple.  Here are some pics of the day.

 Uncle Jason was there in life size cardboard.

 Charlotte's first picture with Uncle Jason


 Charlotte is three months old here.   At 4 months old Charlotte actually started losing weight.  We went to the ER and specialists and nothing was ever found to be wrong.  She put on weight very slowly and now she's at a perfectly normal weight.  At the time I didn't realize how small she was, but now looking back, she was SMALL!
6 months

9 months

First birthday


So I know that I had been slacking on this, but I didn't realize exactly how long it been since I looked at this blog.  I guess I'll do a fast catch up and then just repent and stay on top of this.  I like being able to go back and read the stories.  This blog is for me, but if anyone else cares, enjoy.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Blow It!

We were playing Mario Kart Wii Woo Hoo (That's what John and April call it) and as long as we did decently on the last track we would win the game. I told John, "Don't blow it!" Adam, teasingly, started poking at John and saying over and over, "Don't blow it!" so John blew into Adam's face. The funniest part was I was just about to tell him to do it. I love that boy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is what happens when I nurse the baby. It's a mixture of flour and powdered sugar. I didn't even get a shot of under the kitchen table. I stripped the girls down and put everyone down for a nap while I cleaned up.
April is running out of the bathroom because she heard me coming down the stairs and wanted to wash up. Like I can't tell she did something wrong.